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Established by a team of tech & art enthusiasts, with the goal of manufacturing exceptional quality & affordable gadget skins with a great degree of customization. Founded in 2017, Illusion Decals has helped customers personalize and protect thousands of consumer electronic devices with removable, customisable, personalised, full-color skins.

Precise Finish
Premium Quality
Water Resistant

Highly durable and Unique

Our skins are tough and resilient in preventing your precious gadgets from scratches. Rugged, tough and sweat-proof.

Texture Variety

Beautiful artwork, lightweight protection with your choice of a matte or glossy finish.

Fully Customizable

Playstation, Xbox, Iphone, Samsung, MacBooks, Dell, Hp - we've got you covered. Vibrant graphics, maximum device coverage with two different finishes.

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Amazing style and protection!. Illusion Decals skins are made only from authentic vinyl materials.

Designed for you

Illusion Decals skins come completely customized and precision cut for your device’s dimensions, ports and buttons..

Precisely Cut

Fits Perfectly with super firmly placed vinyl. Our skins are cut with the most intense precision out there.

Skins that define you

At illusion decals, out top priority is customer satisfaction. The aim is for your gadget skin to define and express your style.

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Why do I need a gadget skin?

Amazing artwork + lightweight protection for all your devices! For over 3 years we've been providing customers with stylish, lightweight protection for all their devices. Based on our expertise, it is wise to say we are experienced in our field.


Our Skins are stylish and customized to fit you in everyday occasion you find yourself.

Protective and Easy to Apply

They are water and scratch resistant! also, if you can put a bumper sticker on your car, you can install a skin.

Elegance and Beauty

Our Skins Are A Match Made In Heaven...Precisely cut to fit each device perfectly - within .25mm tolerance. This means all ports are used normally.


Made from premium automotive-grade cast vinyl, the same material used on vehicles and sides of city buses.

Thin and Lightweight

They measure just 5 mil thin (or five-thousandths of an inch 0.005), which makes them super thin and lightweight!


If you get tired of your skin or want a new one, just peel it off. Our special adhesive won't leave any goo or residue.


A complete skin which covers the upper and lower outer lids as well as the area around the trackpad and keyboard. Precisely cut and fit about any variety of laptop.


Looking for a unique way to add style to your Phones? look no further! It is YOUR Phone. So of course you should be the one to take the final call on how it should look.


Perfect fit. Perfect style. Customized by you. Your tablet is unique to you, so why not make it unique with a stylish, protective skin?


Missed your chance to pick up the limited edition? or are you tired of the same old bland black console? We've got you covered!

It's your console - Own your style.

how to install a skin

Everybody loves DIY's and ours isn't any different. Installing skins should be simple and made easy. Here's how it works.


Clean device. Gradually peel back the backing paper exposing the adhesive side of the Illusion Decals Skin. Avoid stretching any part of the Skin. It is important to take your time when applying your Skin.


Pick a starting point on your Skin on the edge. apply the Skin to the device making sure it lines up with camera openings and curves on your device. Firmly press the Skin from the middle to the edges.


Yay! Your gadget skin installation is complete. How easy was that? it is important to note when installing that you are to start from the largest area of the Skin.

Far Beyond Style and Protection

Our skins are light and they provide a colourful solution to protecting and customising all your gadgets.

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Don’t take our word, rather see what our customers say about our skins. We have gotten over 2000 positive reviews.

These skins are the best type of skin available in Nigeria, it's so sturdy, unique, light-weight and flexible. Most of the skin features are great.

Skin cuts are so Precise, most well constructed skin ever seen. It's just so fashionable and a must have for every gadget out there.

It is the best skin I’ve used, hardly any residues on first time installation and the texture feels so nice. The Matte finish is just my best texture so far.

I am thrilled with my decal! Just an FYI for future purchasers...this fits so well on my MacBook Pro 2020. It went on so easily. The color is also gorgeous...just as it looked on my screen.

This skin is amazing..the color and artwork really make my laptop stand out...and it matches perfectly with the tan leather mousepad I have on my desk. Another home run for Illusion Decals!!!!

Just installed my 2nd one of these and love it just as much as the 1st one. This skin was every bit as gorgeous in person as it was online. Colors were true and cutouts fit PERFECTLY. A great choice.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send a messsage to us on Whatsapp 

What are Illusion Decals skins?

Illusion Decals skins are stylish wraps that protect your device from scratches and fingerprints. These skins are made only from authentic vinyl materials and come in two major textures, giving you the choice to customize the look of your gadgets. They are custom made and adhere directly onto the device.

Are Illusion Decals Skins waterproof and fade-proof?

Yes. Illusion Decals skins are 100% water-proof and will not get affected even when your device is submerged or exposed to water. wWhen applied on your device, our skins will retain their premium look without fading or discoloring and even when it is exposed to varying climatic conditions

Can I swap out the old skin for a new one?

Yes you can, Our skins can be removed without leaving any residue behind. To remove, just peel off the skin starting from the corners. Illusion Decals skins are easily removable as they are made out of eco-friendly vinyls You can swap them out as your heart desires without the aid of any tools—as long as it's the right skin for your gadget.

What's the difference between the gadget skin textures? How long does it last?

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meet the team

We are a small group of inventors, gadget freaks, tech enthusiasts and designers from Nigeria on a mission to bring you the best gadget Customisations out there and the greatest experiences using your favourite toys.

Ebuka Arinze


Nwaobi Daniel

Head of Fulfilment

Imafidon Esosa

Head of Production

Omatseye Dede

Business Manager

Omoregie Emmanuel

Production Assistant

Prayer Tukorogha

Head of Content

Divine Uwayah

Benin Skin Installer

Eseosa Ize-iyamu

Sales Manager

Chisom Kpalas

Creative Writer

Aye Erumi

Social Media Manager

Demand the Best

At illusion decals, we guarantee that our customers get the best. We offer you a thin layer of armour that fits your gadgets and defines your style.

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Skinnovate your devices with

Pretty much everything to customize


₦7500₦6500 Laptop Skin

₦3500₦2000 Phone Skin

₦8000₦7000 Console Skin

Do you like your device looking bland and covered in scratches, or are you ready to see and feel the difference a skin can make?

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